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Last Updated: Nov 01, 2012 11:39AM CDT

We have compiled a list of the different front loader models, along with successful wash routines for each. Since Rockin’ Green is clean rinsing, you should be able to easily Rock a Frontloader now!

Bosch Nexxt -Soak Cycle. 1T Rockin Green. Let it soak for 30min or more. This washer uses minimal amounts of water so the soak helps to get the diapers good and wet before the wash. Drain
-Hot wash. 1T Rockin green with extra rinse.
-If it has been 3 or more days for the diapers it helps to do an additional warm/hot wash with no detergent.
Frigidaire Affinity FL HE -normal wash on cold/cold with tiny bit of detergent
-normal wash on hot/cold with tiny bit of detergent (1 tbs of RnG)
-extra rinse
GE Spacemaker Model #: WSSH300GWW -1st run through is this: no detergent, Rinse cycle, cold/cold, med spin
-2nd run through: 1 tbs of RnG, perm. press cycle, hot/cold, med spin, heavy soil/stain and extra rinse option turned on
- 3rd run through: no detergent, quick wash cycle, warm/cold, high spin
GE WCVH6800J1WW - start a cold rinse by pushing "speed wash", "normal soil", "medium spin", "tap cold", NO detergent.
-Once the cold rinse is complete pull out the wash drawer. Add 1 tablespoon of Rockin Green Soap. With the following settings- "whites", "normal soil", "medium spin", "warm", "extra rinse". *Use the My Cycle option to program your wash routine for future washes.
HE Cambrio/Toploader -Rinse&Spin (cold/cold) with no soap
-Then a Normal cycle, set it to hot/cold with an extra rinse and a pre-soak with 2 tbs of RnG.
Hotpoint aqualtis aq9d69u UK Wash Routine
1- rinse
2- baby cycle, temp off & pause once full, soak 30 mins no detergent. Drain.
3- 60 deg superwash, with detergent
4- extra rinse
Kenmore Elite H3 -Rinse/Spin - 2nd Rinse, No spin, Tap Cold
-Heavy Duty - 2nd Rinse, Hot/Cold, High Spin cycle)
Kenmore HE2 Plus -Rinse/Drain & Spin Cycle on Cold/Cold. I always make sure to press the Prewash & Second Rinse buttons
-Add 2 TBSP of RG to detergent bin
-Whitest Whites Cycle on Hot/Cold, High Spin Speed, Prewash, & Second Rinse.
LG Frontloader -Cold/cold on delicate with water plus
-Hot/cold on cotton wash with water plus, 2tbsp of RG
-Cold/cold on delicate with water plus, no soap
LG WM0642HW -Rinse & Spin (default setting of warm/cold) -
-Sanitary (again default water settings extra hot/cold) 1:45 1 table spoon of rockin green.

 LG WM2277HS 

 Speed Wash on COLD/COLD with no detergent
Sanitary Wash with Default settings and Extra Rinse and Water Plus options +1 Tbsp of Detergent 

LG  WM2016CW -quick wash on cold, extra rinse
-hot/cold cottons/towels cycle with prewash option, heavy soil level option, Water Plus option, and extra rinse
Maytag Bravo HE TOPLOADER Rinse: "Sheets" cycle on cold, med/heavy soil
Wash: "Heavy Duty" cycle on Hot, heavy soil + 1 scoop of RNG
Rinse: "Hand Wash" cycle on cold, heavy soil
Maytag Epic Z -Wash on sanitary setting with highest water and extra rinse. We throw in two sopping wet towels for extra water/weight. -
-Extra Rinse/Spin cycle
Maytag Epic -on the 'cycle' knob select 'heavy duty'
-adjust the soil level to the maximum
-select hot for wash and cold for rinse
-push the 'prewash' and 'extra rinse" buttons
-use 1 tbs of Rockin' Green
Maytag Neptune -1st cycle: heavy soil cold/cold with extra rinse
-2nd cycle: heavy soil hot/cold with extra rinse and 1-2 tbsp. Rockin' Green, sometimes adding a presoak for heavily soiled diapers
*Delay wash option is good for washing diapers overnight.
Samsung HE FL model number:WF218ANB -Rinse and spin cycle with extra rinse (cold water) no detergent
- Hot/cold heavy duty cycle with extra wash/extra rinse +detergent
-Rinse and spin cycle again with extra rinse
Whirlpool Duet Sport HE Front Load Washer WFW8500S 1) rinse/spin cycle with the "extra rinse"
2) "whitest whites" wash cycle, with detergent
3) rinse/spin cycle
HE FL Whirlpool Duet (non sport) 1) Rinse on Rinse/Drain & spin with cold water and the "extra rinse" option selected
2) Hot whitest whites wash with detergent with the "extra rinse" option selected
3) 2-3 cold rinses on Rinse/drain & spin with the "extra rinse" option selected

If you have something to contribute to the database please send us an email and we will add you to the list.

Note: These wash routines are sent in by customers, and as with anything there are more than one way to wash diapers. So if you have a method that works for you, continue to do so. If you are having trouble, and are looking for a different routine give these a whirl.


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